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Come aboard and enjoy Charter Fishing from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Departing from Manasquan Inlet, we are just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. The FISH MONGER has various types of fishing to offer you. Whether searching for a doormat fluke, chasing stripers inshore or big game fishing for sharks and tuna offshore, the thrill awaits. The FISH MONGER is a 35 ft Bertram powered by twin Caterpillar 320hp 3208 turbos. With 415 gallons of fuel capacity, a 20+ knot cruising speed, and a spacious cabin The FISH MONGER will get you to the grounds quickly and comfortably. We are looking forward to showing your group an enjoyable day on the water. Fluke (Summer Flounder) : start moving towards Manasquan Inlet early in the spring. Gathering close to the inlet and beaches early in the season and in the deeper water as the season progresses fluke are available all summer in close range from Point Pleasant Beach, N.J. Due to increased size limits over the past few years we have changed our techniques now targeting larger Fluke around deeper structure. Fishing with bucktails has become a customer favorite, putting many personal bests, limit catches and doormats on the deck of the Fish Monger. Check out our Bucktailing article and the photo gallery for more on the flatties. Blackfish (Tog) : Many of our customers Favorite species to target. Blackfish are some of the Hardest fish to catch and trying to master them is a great challenge and can be very addicting. We will put your party on productive Blackfish structure where these tricky and finicky creatures live. The Fish Monger is equipped with a custom two anchor system and hauler designed specifically for getting on the structure quickly and efficiently. Striper Fishing Charters : A true sport fish, Stripped Bass have been in good numbers in both the spring and fall in late years. Point Pleasant Beach and surrounding waters off the N.J. coast offers one the the best runs of Trophy Stripers on the East Coast. Live-Lining Bunker in May and June has produced countless trophy Striper in the 25-45 Lbs with a few even breaking the 50lb class. Nothing more exciting than seeing a striper expload on a live bait. Sea Bass Fishing Charters : If you are looking for a lot of action and an even better dinner bottom fishing from Point Pleasant Beach is for you. Many other hard fighting tasty bottom dwellers mix in with the seabass while bottom fishing. Many wrecks and artificial reefs are in close range from Point Pleasant Beach, N.J. making bottom fishing a family favorite. Seabassin is also great type of fishing for young children, a perfect way to get the kids introduced to Ocean Fishing Bluefish : are some are the hardest fighting fish in our inshore waters. Early in the spring and summer as well as late in the fall bluefish can be caught aboard The Fish Monger by jigging, trolling, and bait fishing. Due to all the bunker around bluefish have been close to Manasquan Inlet for a good chunk of the season the last few years. When the blues are further out, we will use our 20+ knot cruise to get your party to the chumming grounds. If you are looking for a good fight blue fishing is for you. Inshore Speedsters ( False Albacore, Bonito and Spanish Mackerel ) : Drag burning like tackle fishing at its finest... gathering on the inshore lumps during the late summer and early fall this trio of speedsters provide an excellent opportunity for some light tackle fun. Casting small artificial lures, free floating small baits, and light tackle trolling are the methods used to entice the mini-tunas


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