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Ocean explorer report 6/28-6/30 - Nice Flatties view all of OceanExplorer's fishing reports


6-30-14 We had pretty decent day with some real nice fluke come aboard as you can see in the pics below...Not crazy great fishing but each drift we had some keepers come up,,best drift we had four keepers,,,but most had 2-3 so I was happy with it..some..,,quality fish,,biggest up to about 7lbs.I would guess...One about 5-6lbs..and some fish in the 2-3lb.range...Decent amount of fish that just fell short of keeping...Dragging bait today was key,,,the guys jigging did not do nearly as well as those dragging..I look forward to tomorrow already!!See ya for coffee..

Bob was on the board with this nice one!



Kris took home the money today with this fat one!!  7-8lbr..

6-29-14 Water temps hit up above 70 degrees today,,Ocean was flat calm again this morning with no winds...We did drift with some current though,,,the wind ended up coming out of the south and we covered some ground late in the day..Fishing was pretty spotty,,we caught some  nice fish and each drift we had keepers come up but not enough spread out around the boat to keep me happy..I guess it could have been worse...High hooks had 3-4 keepers,,and some nice pool fish are gunning for the money in the 5lb.area...pics..I like the forecast for tomorrow...see ya for coffee....

Tommy took home the money today with this beauty!!Just beat out another like it..

I missed this one from yesterday!!!nice one !!I think we have her hooked from what I hear!



Sammy looks like he might have a pool fish??I was off today but it sounded like they were catching some fish early,,,we shall see if I can get full report later but as for tomorrow we are looking good..Looking to get back to the grounds,,see ya for coffee!!!up,,wait,,Mikey just said Sammy did win the pool,,,,update later...going after the big ones tomorrow..the seasonal pool is getting big!!!!I also have a feeling we are gonna get into some big fish!!!See ya then\,,,bring extra tackle cause we are fishing is the hard bottom!!

6-27-14 Well we got into the ocean this morning and were greeted with a nice ground swell from the east.Not rough but enough to just keep us rocking a little...Water warmed up to almost 70 degrees with the onshore breeze but fishing was way off today..Nothing like we have been seeing...Few shorts here and there,,,tough to find any good bites let alone keepers..Moved around quite a bit and never found much,,,at the end of the day though the swell died out a bit and the current did slow down and we had an improvement with the fishing...We caught the pool fish late,,probably about 4-5 lbs...lost a few other nice fish and quite a few shorts started coming up....Most of the keepers came up late as well,,,,good sign for tomorrow...Light winds and calm seas are forecast for the whole weekend so see ya tomorrow!!pics.

I think Bob pulled out the pool fish near the end of the day.


Spencer nailed a nice double header keeper!!

Mike was taking home dinner.

Better late than never!

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