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2014-07-2715.18.092014-07-2715.19.04amhalfjuly28Roger reported a slow morning half day but the weather was beautiful. The pool fish was taken by a mighty nice ocean blue fish. The afternoon half day saw a big improvement but still on the slow side with an equal number of keeper fluke and keeper sea bass. Two half days tomorrow with the first to set sail on the Lady at 8 am and the second to set sail on the Admiral at 1pm.

A few recent pics from both the full and half day trips recently provided by longtime regulars Sandy and Cyrus from NY and RI and Chris from Warwick RI.

Capt. Matt reported a very good day of fluke and sea bass fishing for the handful of anglers who showed up to go despite a stormy forecast. The day while a bit breezy turned out to be sunny and completely fishable. There were at least a few limit catches and most anglers were very close with only a few fishers boxing only three to five keeper fluke apiece. Quite a few sea bass limits as well. Sizes on the sea bass up to nearly 4 lbs and the majority of the fluke were those quality three to four pound fish we have seen quite a bit of this year with a half dozen or so in the six pound range and a couple 7-8 lbrs battling it out for the pool. A few hefty blue fish added some excitement as well. Fast drift today so bait rigs were effective however those who were really intent on staying with jigs did just fine as well. Tomorrow looks like another very nice weather day and the Gail Frances will be set to sail at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm.


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Half Day Fluke AM
Captain Stephen Francis reports a decent fluke bite this morning. We had some really good drifts of some nice fluke, porgies and some nice jumbo sea bass. Everyone went home with some meet. Today’s first place pool winner was Michelle Piacente of Yonkers with a nice 5.3lb fluke and in second place was Theresa Wagner of Pawtueket RI with a 4.1lb fluke. [Show as slideshow] half7-27-1 half7-27-2 half7-27-3 .

Montauk Local Porgies and Sea BassCaptain Dave reports a good day of fishing today. We had a really nice mix today of nice porgies, jumbo sea bass and a couple fluke. It was as fine day of fishing and everyone went home with some nice fish. Today’s first place pool winner was Marcioza Guerrero from the Bronx with a 3.5lb porgy and in second place was Paul Kim from Southampton with a nice 4.5lb fluke.

Moo Cow  Midnight Madness

And on our Midnight Moo Cow Madness trip we had some of the Beasts to the East!!! We delivered a first for the year…well Mr. Gary “Bigfish” Young delivered his first 50lb Moo Cow-asaurus. Gary’s been fishing almost daily with us it seems and he finally got his prize. Not only did he nail a 50, he also landed 45lb 14oz Behemoth and swept the pool. Gage Jenkins had a 42lb 2oz Rockslob and Frank “Guiness” Stoutenberg had a 40lb 4oz angry Bass to round out 5 more Moo Cows added to the list. We didn’t have the quantity of the first trip but we sure had the quality. Although Jose Ruiz had a little quantity of his own tallying 4 Stripers to 39lbs 12 oz. (orl) JOSE-jose,jose,jose, see one for each Jose:)Capt. Ant would like to shout out to Bob-O for bringing his Viking crew (see pix) aboard the Starship…they got the true meaning of Midnight Moo Cow Madness…and no alcohol was involved, just passionate and loyal Viking fisherman who went home with about 35lbs of fillet!!! As always fantastic job by Capt. Eric and Justin and Jesse who worked the double.

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6-30-14 We had pretty decent day with some real nice fluke come aboard as you can see in the pics below...Not crazy great fishing but each drift we had some keepers come up,,best drift we had four keepers,,,but most had 2-3 so I was happy with it..some..,,quality fish,,biggest up to about 7lbs.I would guess...One about 5-6lbs..and some fish in the 2-3lb.range...Decent amount of fish that just fell short of keeping...Dragging bait today was key,,,the guys jigging did not do nearly as well as those dragging..I look forward to tomorrow already!!See ya for coffee..

Bob was on the board with this nice one!



Kris took home the money today with this fat one!!  7-8lbr..

6-29-14 Water temps hit up above 70 degrees today,,Ocean was flat calm again this morning with no winds...We did drift with some current though,,,the wind ended up coming out of the south and we covered some ground late in the day..Fishing was pretty spotty,,we caught some  nice fish and each drift we had keepers come up but not enough spread out around the boat to keep me happy..I guess it could have been worse...High hooks had 3-4 keepers,,and some nice pool fish are gunning for the money in the 5lb.area...pics..I like the forecast for tomorrow...see ya for coffee....

Tommy took home the money today with this beauty!!Just beat out another like it..

I missed this one from yesterday!!!nice one !!I think we have her hooked from what I hear!



Sammy looks like he might have a pool fish??I was off today but it sounded like they were catching some fish early,,,we shall see if I can get full report later but as for tomorrow we are looking good..Looking to get back to the grounds,,see ya for coffee!!!up,,wait,,Mikey just said Sammy did win the pool,,,,update later...going after the big ones tomorrow..the seasonal pool is getting big!!!!I also have a feeling we are gonna get into some big fish!!!See ya then\,,,bring extra tackle cause we are fishing is the hard bottom!!

6-27-14 Well we got into the ocean this morning and were greeted with a nice ground swell from the east.Not rough but enough to just keep us rocking a little...Water warmed up to almost 70 degrees with the onshore breeze but fishing was way off today..Nothing like we have been seeing...Few shorts here and there,,,tough to find any good bites let alone keepers..Moved around quite a bit and never found much,,,at the end of the day though the swell died out a bit and the current did slow down and we had an improvement with the fishing...We caught the pool fish late,,probably about 4-5 lbs...lost a few other nice fish and quite a few shorts started coming up....Most of the keepers came up late as well,,,,good sign for tomorrow...Light winds and calm seas are forecast for the whole weekend so see ya tomorrow!!pics.

I think Bob pulled out the pool fish near the end of the day.


Spencer nailed a nice double header keeper!!

Mike was taking home dinner.

Better late than never!

Congratulations to Roy from Burlington N.J. for his pool winning $$ jumbo
10 lb. 10 oz. fluke. Nice fishing Roy..
Great weather to be on the ocean, sunny with a nice breeze, the day started out with the usual mix of action from the shorts and keeper fluke in the mix, in the morning we had a decent drift. We later, moved to fish over structure having the same mix of short fluke and keepers. In the afternoon the drift picked up to about 2 kts. We finished fishing close to the beach, buck tails were best in morning.
Some of the group had several keeper fluke each....
Pictures to follow later.
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Tough start to the morning as the fish didn't bite were we caught them yesterday!! Had many of the Monday regulars out for the first time today so I knew we had to bust some butt and find the Fluke!

Bounced around a couple area's, some that produced and others that didn't. We did manage some very nice keepers once again along with plenty of short action once the bite turned on.
Pool fish changed hands several times and was finally settled on the last drift when the big one was caught...7 pounds 7 ounces.

Not many buck-tail fishermen on board today bait was the ticket, so It's hard to say if that would have been the better of the two choices.

Back at it tomorrow!
Capt. Ron
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Headed out this morning with a solo charter consisting of Steve Massiello. Plan was to go looking for some threshers. Got set up in some pretty clean water and had life right away with a few small brown sharks, a few small hammerheads, and a mako in the slick. Tough bite today as we had alot of short bites. Managed to hook one thresher, only to pull the hook after the first jump. Landed 3 brown sharks for the day
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we had a decent start to the morning with a

good amount of keepers and good short life. The

wind came on strong by around 11:00 and made conditions

tough. We still picked a few keepers, but the drift got

really fast. Tomorrow the wind should not be as bad, and

this should help us with the fishing. 7am departure tomorrow.
BigMohawk Jul 1 '14

The captain made a decision to go ling fishing today good call. We ended the day up with a nice mixed bag of fish. I got a nice flounder & a keeper Sea Bass at the end of the day. We tried to end up the day up for Sea Bass but the winds picked up hard making for tough conditions. We had about 3 keeper Sea Bass & plenty of shorts to go along with them. We also had another flounder on board today as well we even got a nice Sea Raven. Capt. Dennis & mate Steve did as good as job as you can expect. The ling were really nice quality sized fish everybody on board today went home with nice bag of filets.


We had a great catch of jumbo sea bass a couple of fish shy of a full boat limit along with a big pile of xxl ling ( the other white meat ) . the best par t beside the size of the fish is they moved inshore far enough to make it easy to split the day and go fluking we will be doing that every day iwhen applicable . call for info.& Res. also we have a shark trip this coming Thurs. phone for details.

Captain Ray Burke Mad Gaffer II

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The past few days & nights the fishing has been very good, plenty of Ling, Sea Bass, Flounder & Fluke, just not a lot of Blues.

We will continue to search for the Blues but when they don't bite we will try to catch you some bottom fish to fill up your bags and send you home with some fish.

Don't forget that in addition to our regular 7:30am day trip, we have a 4 hour fishing trip & cruise from 4:30pm to 8:30pm on Sunday through Wednesday afternoon's. Its a great way to take the family & kids fishing. Make reservations.

The GOLDEN EAGLE sails everyday for Stripers & Blues at 7:30am from Belmar Marina in Belmar, NJ. Night Bluefishing on Thurs., Fri. & Sat. nights at 7:30pm.

Afternoon fishing trip & cruise 4:30pm to 8:30pm Sun. through Wed. afternoons. Make reservations.

For more information visit us at www.goldeneaglefishing.com or call 732-681-6144.

See you in the morning.
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